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AGV Intelligent Warehousing Solutions

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Intelligent warehousing system is an important part of the Intelligent Manufacturing Industry 4.0 of rapid development, it has to save land, reduce labor intensity, to avoid damage to the goods or lost, eliminate errors, provide warehousing automation level and management level, to improve the management and operation of the quality of personnel, reduce outages, effectively reduce the liquidity of the backlog, the provision of logistics efficiency and many other advantages.

Smart Warehousing Features:

Implementation Repository of information automation, fine management, warehouse personnel to guide and regulate their daily operations, improve warehouse management, warehouse integration of resources and value for enterprises to bring the following:
Ø management of digital out / warehousing, inventory warehouses everyday materials management business can be done in real-time search and monitoring;
Ø enhance the utilization efficiency of cargo warehouse;
Ø reducing operator dependence experience, it changed to the information system to standardize processes in order to provide operational information systems instruction;
Ø implement on-site operating personnel performance appraisal;
Ø reduce workers labor intensity;
Ø reduce warehousing SKU inventory;
Ø improve the operating efficiency of the warehouse;
Ø reduce execution within the storage device;
Ø improve order accuracy;
Ø improve order fulfillment rates;

Ø increase the flexibility of warehouse operations.



AGV intelligent warehousing overall solution

Able to provide production and distribution process design, utility requirements, project management, system configuration and equipment selection, data analysis and calculation, schedule planning, civil works with the design, supply and distribution, gas supply and distribution design, project budget, automatic control systems, computing hardware and software configurations, intelligent warehouse management system, software interfaces, system linked to reconcile commissioning, the warehouse relocation program development, training, inspection, data compilation and transfer of the overall solution.

Warehouse equipment components

Stereo system consists of shelves, bins stacker, pallet stackers, shuttle car, chain conveyors, roller conveyors, vertical lift, electric forklifts, information and testing equipment and other major equipment and pallets, bins , steel platform and other auxiliary equipment.

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