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Intelligent Warehousing and Optimization Algorithm

Release date: 2016-06-15 16:58    Clicks:     Author: admin
With the increasing level of manufacturing and customer needs, a variety of industries warehousing systems are faced with many challenges: how to improve storage systems turnover efficiency, reduce labor costs; and how to improve the technical accuracy of warehousing operations; how fast do the heavy lifting goods picking and much more. Enterprise business decision-makers are increasingly concerned at the overall operating efficiency of the entire storage system, in order to solve these problems, the system from the perspective of overall optimization of the storage system, you need advanced intelligent warehouse design and optimization algorithms to improve the overall management of logistics operational efficiency.
    Smart warehousing design and management optimization algorithm is the core of the intelligent storage system, including storage mode of operation, business processes, warehouse layout, location assignment, location adjustments, order processing strategy, automatic replenishment strategy, planning and other aspects of the running path optimization algorithm module, through a common model and personalized custom interfaces to multi-robot cooperative and scheduling system as an execution layer, effectively connecting robot, logistics personnel, automation equipment, logistics management software, in order to achieve the overall smart storage design and management optimization.

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