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AGV Intelligent Robot Platform

Release date: 2016-06-15 16:59    Clicks:     Author: admin
    AGV intelligent robots perform basic logistics, cargo locate, identify, crawl and cargo and other functions, depending on the application scenario, the robot can achieve intelligent logistics transport function of light, heavy and other types of logistics. Among them, the automatic navigation software, motion control module and the robot motion unit is a major component of intelligent robot platform. And compared to traditional logistics AGV, AGV intelligent robot platform can be a simple function to achieve full freedom of movement, security or transport logistics crawl flexible, traditional AGV product to achieve full freedom of movement, usually require a lot of extra equipment to complete deployment The laser reflector plate, are generally more expensive price. And flexible mobile features traditional AGV, usually located in the high-end, heavy products, it is difficult to meet the growing demand for lightweight intelligent logistics.
   IKV intelligent robot developed at a low cost way to achieve a fully automated mobile navigation technology, the whole body to move the mechanical design technology, based on which the whole country has applied for patents to mobile image technology and inertial navigation.
    For logistics light, a large number of intelligent robots can be used collaboratively, heavy logistics robot complete with laser navigation, in order to meet the system requirements flexible mobile, intelligent scheduling.

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