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Nanchang IKV analysis Principle of Automatic Intelligent War

Release date: 2016-09-14 14:41    Clicks:     Author: admin
Automatic Intelligent Storage System is a collection of mechanical, electrical, computer, database. The system tray storage unit, by controlling the movement mechanism within the system, will store the cargo tray or remove a location from library to library.The system through the database management software library stored materials management. The operator need only select the product he needs in the software user interface, and accessing the tray are automatic process.
The main access of automatic intelligent storage systems is through its three movement mechanism to achieve.Vertical lift mechanism can put the tray to the system calibration after any one storage location; tray out of the organization feeding tray or pull out the storage position; door switch mechanism complete access aperture of the door opening or closing. Three motor system the drag by the same drive, is switched by the control system. Wherein the lifting motor shaft end fitted with encoders, which operate in a closed loop mode, the other two low-level work in an open loop mode debugging.
The advantages of intelligent warehouse:reduce labor intensity, to avoid damage or loss of goods, eliminate errors, provide warehousing automation level and management level, improve the quality of management and operations personnel, reduce outages, effectively reducing liquidity, the provision of logistics efficiency and many other advantages.

Intelligent Storage is currently widely used in the logistics industry, to improve storage efficiency and reduce logistics warehouse operating costs, creating greater efficiency for businesses bidding. IKV is professional intelligent storage system research and development enterprise, hotline: 0791-88121058 Intelligent Storage System: www.ikvagv.cn.


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