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Pick-dimensional automated warehouse unit

Release date: 2016-06-15 15:17    Clicks:     Author: admin


Stereo unit chosen introduce automated warehouse


With the rapid development of social, labor costs and the high cost of land to the modern logistics industry has brought a lot of trouble. To increase the utilization of land and space utilization, IKV chose to launch three-dimensional automated warehouse unit, the unit pick-dimensional marks the launch of automated warehouse logistics and warehousing to the intelligent forward. Moreover,IKV unit pick-dimensional automatic warehouse also help many commercial enterprises and warehousing centers to reduce storage costs, improve production efficiency, the storage industry is winning weapon.


Automated warehouse picking stereo unit is a high-density pallet buffer means you can maximize vertical storage space while maintaining a compact footprint. There are multiple models available to handle 15kg-3000 kg load tray and shelf height of up to 45m. Automated Storage unit chosen formula can also be used to store long bar or large cargo and hazardous materials. In addition to three-dimensional automated warehouse sorting unit, it also offers double deep racking configurations.


Automated warehouse picking stereo unit parameters

Load weight 15kg-3000 kg
Access Height 3-30 m
Horizontal speed 3-30 m
Vertical Speed 10-100 m/min
Fork speed 10-80 m/min.

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