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Laser Guided Forklift AGV

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Laser Guided Forklift AGV Introduction

IKV Laser Guided Forklift AGV currently used in part of the car industry, a large storage and logistics, some large paper mills, warehouse, etc., to achieve the rapid deployment of logistics automation applications, saving labor costs and improve productivity.

Laser Guided Forklift AGV Advantage

Laser Guided Forklift AGV positioning accuracy, positioning without additional ground facilities; paths with flexible, able to fit a variety of field environments, you can always modify the route through the software, there is no magnetic stripe and landmarks easier to maintain, it is an advanced guide currently used in foreign priority lead the way. The devices bear the empty tray, load the tray, paper roll handling and other work.

Laser Guided Forklift AGV Video Show

Laser Guided Forklift AGV can solove the following problem

1, requires stacking, loading and unloading materials;2, the need for frequent replacement navigation lines;3, demanding work environment, strong magnetic field, high positioning accuracy requirements;4, flexible material transfer mode;5, requires a lot of transmission capacity.

Laser Guided Forklift AGV Technical Data

Product name  Laser Guided Forklift AGV
  Product number   CCJPT10V1
  Product code   8692000000000 
  Product Size   L2200*W802*H710(mm)(customizable)
 Guide the way   Laser Guided
Walking directions   Forward and back, left and right turn, bifurcation
  Wireless network   WiFi network·RF network
Drive mode   Wheel control
Drive power   DC24V
 Carrying capacity   1000kg(customizable)
Body aircraft   Forklift type
Walking speed   35m/min
 Turning radius   1705-2075mm(depend on the shape of the truck)
  Gradeability   5-7degree
  Navigation accuracy   ±10mm
Stopping accuracy   ±10mm
 Way of working   24 hours
 Charging   Manual charging •Automatic charging
  Safety sensing range   ≤1m,Adjustable ,emergency braking distance is less than20mm(Adjustable)
  Police form  Audible alarm
  Battery  Lead-acid battery • Lithium battery
  Security   In front of the obstacle detection sensor+Mechanical anti-collision mechanism double protection+emergency button
Design life   >10 years

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